Rodin4D innovation: Link, a secure data transmission platform

13 July 2020

Link, a cutting-edge platform for professionals who transfer patient data externally or to a manufacturing centre (CFAB). Rodin4D developed Link to guarantee secure data transmission, compliance with general data protection regulations and facilitate contact and connection with manufacturing centres.

GDPR and health data. How to ensure compliance to the new privacy regulations?

Orthopaedic technicians process confidential patient data constantly; data which is now doubly protected under law, as both personal and health data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into force on 25 May 2018 and is the new European framework for personal data processing. GDPR compliance is mandatory for all bodies, organizations, companies and associations that process the personal data of Europeans.

The processing of personal data must be done legally, truthfully, transparently, with data transmission security and time limits on data conservation. In addition to the GDPR, similar regulations are in place in the United States and worldwide. To date, the 3 levels of data protection defined are: security, privacy and safety. The Rodin4D solution complies with them all.

When an orthopaedic technician sends a file that contains a patient´s last name with an orthosis model or a scan, whether by e-mail or over the internet, in accordance with legislation, data transfer must be done over a secure channel. “It took a great deal of thought to design an open software compatible with existing systems”, explains Luc Boronat, Rodin4D Managing Director. “Link provides technicians with a data-secure platform for placing orders with manufacturing centres.”

Web platform and orthopaedic market

Link offers even more. Designed as a web-platform, it provides a list of all manufacturing centres (CFAB), as a market. Luc sees this evolution as a new space for connection, with benefits for both parties: “Thanks to Link, professionals can more easily access the many manufacturing centres that are listed. This offers them more options, that are also easy to find. And on Link, CFABs can create their own catalogues of products to enhance the visibility of offerings.”

Link goes beyond the traditional logic of one professional, one CFAB. With Link, orthopaedic technicians can place orders with different manufacturing centres, according to the job needed, with no limits on the number of files sent. Julien Chabanne worked on the development of Link. During the User Days, prior to the launch, he shows participants the different Link screens: “the products are classified by categories. All orders are shown in an overview that denotes order status: scheduled, manufacturing underway, in transit, etc.”. With the user-friendly control panel, health professionals can easily track the manufacturing status of all their orthosis orders.

Of course, all these exchanges are confidential and secure in compliance with European regulations. Another advantage of Link for professionals is the unlimited number of users, orders and data storage. Data is stored for a maximum of 2 years, as prescribed by the GDPR.

Security, compliance and greater access to manufacturing offers: Link is a new “link” in the manufacturing chain for orthopaedic devices. The goal of the Rodin4D R+D teams is to design convenient tools for users, based on observation of professional needs.

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