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M4D Scan
Simplify your measurement digitalization with M4D Scan and automatic acquisition and post-treatment software. M4D Scan is fast, light, and fully integrated with Rodin4D solutions. Its small size makes it easily portable from one place to another. It is installed and ready to scan in any environment in less than 5 minutes.
M4D Scan
M4D Scan
M4D Scan

Our desire to progress and offer new services to patients and doctors led to our interest in CAD/CAM. Rodin4D has brought us many benefits, such as greater working comfort and the means to work more cleanly and quickly. Integrating CAD/CAM in the heart of our company has meant a great step forward for us. I love using the scanner, doing the retouching on the computer and simply taking measurements and adapting a library.

Choose a tool that is comfortable and safe for both patient and doctor.

M4D Scan is a solution fully integrated with Rodin4D that provides precision dimensional measurement. Thanks to the adapted and portable optimization module, scans can be done easily and safely in any setting, with no prior training required.

The orthopaedics-dedicated software M4D Soft, designed specifically to make M4D Scan even easier to use, is available in two versions: AP (Acquisition Premium) and AMP (Acquisition Measurement Premium), for better adaptation to your needs.

M4D Scan enables you to make a wide variety of orthopaedic devices, such as custom shoes, orthoses, cervical orthoses, tibial and femoral prostheses, upper and lower limbs, postural seats, adult and child helmets, and ankle and foot orthoses (AFO). It is highly recommended for plagiocephaly helmets.

Rapid data acquisition: it takes only 40 seconds to scan a foot and 90 seconds to scan a torso or leg. Provides step-by-step guidance throughout the scan with acoustic confirmation of each step of the scan.



Discover all the benefits of M4D Scan and M4D Soft


Portable and fast

Small size makes it easier to use. M4D Scan fits in a briefcase, ready to scan your patients in any setting.



M4D Scan provides high precision scans and also tolerates slight patient movement during scan, which guarantees accurate results.



The comfortable, clean and safe solution to scan any body part with results guaranteed.


Easy to use

M4D Soft was developed by orthopaedic professionals. Intuitive user-friendly interface.


M4D Soft benefits

Automatic post-treatment
No manual post-treatment is required: automatic alignment, form cleaning and gap coverage for export to STL, compatible with all our software.
Automatic measurements
Generate pre-determined, semiautomatic and personalized measurements. Scan a body part repeatedly with the same result.
Automatic reports in Word
With just one click view a complete report with the measurements of your patients.
Comparison function
Compare on screen the different forms scanned to monitor patient progress. This enables you to verify the effectiveness of your devices.

White light (LED)


850 g


Up to 0.5 mm

Stand-off distance

+/- 40 cm

Connection Standard

USB 2.0

Production capacities

1 min

KAF orthoses

2 min


2 min

Tibial prostheses

1 min

Upper limbs

1 min

Cervical orthoses

1 min

Foam layers

3 min

Knee braces

1 min

Foot orthoses

30 s

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