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Complete your equipment and improve production capacity, from the smallest milling machine to the largest robot.

The range of Victor robots
Victor Compact
Victor Compact provides a simple, convenient and mobile solution for milling any type of form.
Victor Compact Plus
Double production with two rotating trays. Victor Compact Plus, installed in its own cabinet, offers a second milling tray that increases production capacity.
Victor Unlimited
Get unlimited and totally customizable production with the multi-user configuration of the Victor Unlimited machining robot.
Range of milling machines
Milling machines
Model SX
The SX model is a tool designed for small workshops or as an additional milling machine: thanks to its compact size, it can be used in spaces smaller than 2…
Milling machines
Model S
Thanks to its compact size, our S model fits easily in your workshops and enables you to make a wide variety of orthopaedic devices: corsets, femoral prostheses, tibial prostheses, lower…
Milling machines
Model C
Model C offers milling capacity of 1100 mm x 600 mm to machine all the devices you need: postural seats, aesthetic liners for prostheses, lower limbs and two-section standing devices.

Marlo Ortiz – Improving the manufacture of the M.A.S. socket thanks to CAD/CAM

We are Taiwan´s largest orthopaedic services supplier. Rodin4D is undoubtedly the easiest CAD/CAM system to use. We bought the scanner first and, a few weeks later, installed our miller. We were all excited about it, and to be the first orthopaedic company in China to use the technology. When it was installed, everyone was eager to learn to use it. Now we use it every single day. A great number of doctors and patients have expressed their satisfaction at its ease of use. The results are excellent.
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