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As the core of our CAD/CAM solution, with Neo you can manufacture all kinds of devices: corsets, orthoses and prostheses.

Designed by and for orthopaedic technicians, Neo is adapted constantly to meet your working needs.

Neo addresses the specific problems of the profession. The value-added essence of CAD/CAM solutions. Neo software has consistently evolved since its creation by orthopaedic technicians 16 years ago. New releases are issued periodically, based on the input received from over 500 professional users.

With the simulation tool, you can make form rectifications virtually before sending them to production. You can completely control rectification in the software thanks to a tool library created especially for your work. You can also eliminate a modification stage at any time during rectification.

Neo is compatible with all CAD/CAM solutions on the market and adapts to all equipment thanks to STL file export.


A single software to test all your forms before sending them on to production.


Fast training

Two days of training are enough to master the software. You will have access to training videos, on-line help and technical support.



Thanks to the combination of high-performance tools, a corset can be rectified and optimized in only 5 minutes.


No constraints

Neither the method nor the process is imposed: the orthopaedic technician takes his/her own practices and experience to the digital world, not the other way around.



Ergonomic, user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, customizable libraries with pre-rectified forms integrated in the software.


Your devices made to measure

A wide range of tools with Merge included
Discover all the tools provided. They will help you solve any problem you may find. Merge the patient scan with a library and help yourself with the list of pre-defined tools.
List of pre-defined tools
Prepare prior tool lists with pre-defined regions for modification. The tools on the list can be added or eliminated at any time during rectification without affecting the procedure: you control the chronological order of rectification.
Design the finished device based on the patient 3D form: optional use of Rodin4D carving tool, cuts plastic based on software rectifications done (time saved 20 min. per device). Creation of STL files to send to Cube and prepare the 3D printing.
On-line help
Access to dozens of tutorials for more information.
Main functions
  • Import of scanned forms (STL, AOP…)
  • Library of tools with pre-rectified forms integrated in the software
  • Creation of customized libraries and sharing with partners
  • Import of photographs, CT scans, IRM or DICOM files
  • Management of patients and scans, photographs and associated 3D forms
  • Use of professional tools to clean the 3D form
  • Extensive choice of rectification tools (over 25 different tools)
  • History of all modifications
  • Import/export from and to the main industrial and orthopaedic formats
  • Print of reports of work carried out
  • Draw of trimlines and forms for machining
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