France´s largest private event for orthopaedic experts

13 July 2020

For over 12 years, the biannual Rodin4D User Days event has attracted over 200 orthopaedic technicians from around the world. The majority are repeat participants, who would not miss it for the world.

Rodin4D User Days: 2 days of innovation and exchange of ideas

Attended by representatives from over 30 countries, speakers may present in Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic… Simultaneous interpretation is provided by a team of 8 expert medical interpreters in the cabin. With headsets on, participants can easily receive translation of presentations by the speakers, Rodin4D teams, partners and other professionals. New speakers and presentations every 10/15 minutes. “Our intention is to provide updates on the profession from a variety of sources, and the event is a good mix; a combination of outside speakers sharing their personal expertise and experience with our products, client testimonials, and progress reports from our R+D team”. Luc Boronat, Managing Director Rodin4D. “Added to this is the opportunity for participants to exchange information and experiences. A community of users that appreciates this mix of teaching, training and hospitality. Few companies in the orthopaedic industry organize this type of community events. Many faithful clients attend year after year, despite the distance.”

Rodin4D Ambassadors – Middle East

One example is the case of Robert and Rita, orthopaedic technicians, happily living in Lebanon. How did they learn of Rodin4D solutions? Rita: “In 2011, we attended a demo session by Anthony Bournet in Tripoli, because Robert wanted to improve his techniques. We decided then and there to make the investment in the entire system, from scanner to milling machine. Following our purchase, Anthony travelled to Lebanon and spent 4 days helping us with installation and training. Since then, Robert has continued to make progress, thanks to the on-line help provided.”

In Lebanon, few clinics are as well-equipped as Robert and Rita´s. So, they manufacture products for other professionals who send them their scans. The positive experience with Rodin4D solutions led them to become distributors and trainers in Lebanon, Syria and they travel to Saudi Arabia to provide training. With all their energy, Robert and Rita are the perfect ambassadors for the new technologies dedicated to their profession.

Burns, scoliosis, disability… 3D innovation to serve patients

The User Days provide a wealth of information on the latest best practices and on areas with room for improvement: Examples from a morning session: A team from the Léon Bérard Hospital in Hyères (83) explains how digital modelling is less traumatic for patients with major facial burns than the former method with plaster; two MSF members explain their work in Jordan with injured children and the collaboration with Léon Bérard Hospital, where they send the scans. The following morning, Sergey Kumichevk, director and orthopaedic technician of Orto3D in Russia, demonstrates the advantages of 3D technologies in the treatment of scoliosis.

The plurality is confirmed by Éric Dupont, an orthopaedic technician practitioner with offices in Dunkirk and the south of France. “Our work is empirical. No two patients are alike, so we adapt constantly. The User Days address the diversity of our work”. Éric, one of Rodin4D solution first clients, and a loyal User Days attendee, values the information exchange with colleagues. “Here we are all users, no one comes just to browse or nose around, so we can all speak openly about our practices and learn how colleagues work with their tools.”

Daniel Robert, an orthopaedic technician with 4 offices in Switzerland, goes further: “3D printing serves our creativity. It gives us greater freedom to invent new orthosis forms and better respond to patient demands”. Daniel first used Neo to create polyurethane models that would take the place of plaster moulds. “A bit later we got Cube to custom-mill pads and cushions. The two are extraordinary and complementary software, very well suited to our work. Of course, you have to identify which operators they are meant for, because some find it harder than others to adapt to change. But once we have found people who like design or IT, we´ve been able to train them sufficiently to benefit from the efficacy of these tools: Cube to create positive forms and Neo to rectify them.”

A prosthesis in the land of icebergs

This year during the User Days, one of our sessions will be a bit longer: we will show the documentary made by Franck Bruno. A leg-amputee and world traveller who decided to pursue his wildest dreams. His latest challenge was noticeable: to kayak “solo” up the northwest coast of Greenland, without back-up. He records it all: the beauty of the frozen landscapes, the calamities, the storms and moments of discouragement. At night, in his tent, he removes his leg prosthesis, which is frequently painful, but does not keep him from galloping around the world. His journey is a source of inspiration and hope for the innumerable amputees who follow and accompany him to the North Pole, proof that life need not to stop because you´ve lost a limb.

Video of the 6th edition of the User Days, 2020

Discover the video report of the 6th edition of the User Days, held in 2020. Event organized by Rodin4D, video reporting by Luxyfilms.