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  • Do you have more information on 3D printing and your solution?
    The Rodin4D solution is completed with acquisition of the HP Multi Jet Fusion printer. We can now provide clients with 3D printing. Selected after a study of best market available technology to ensure optimal results for our clients, with guarantees unequalled on the orthopaedic market. Talk to our sales team for more information and prices. Contact us.
  • What are the outsourcing offerings?
    At each of our manufacturing centres, the prices and catalogue of products depends on factors, such as: type of milling, machine used, milling time and volume of the foam used. Consult all the catalogues on-line using Link, our web platform. Contact us to receive your credentials and start using Link now.
  • Can we outsource our device orders and use your services?
    Rodin4D has several manufacturing centres in France and Germany, as well as partnerships with our distributors who have machines all over the world. We propose client services such as outsourcing to our manufacturing centres and order management on the Link platform. Talk to our sales team for more information on the manufacturing centre that best suits your needs. Contact us.
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  • I would like to watch the on-line video tutorials. How do I access the portal?
    Go to the on-line help in our Neo and Cube software to access all the video tutorials and watch the webinars.
  • Can the courses that are given at Rodin4D facilities be included in my company´s training budget?
    There is an authorized training body in France that allows orthopaedic technicians to attend fully subsidized training.
  • Are there different levels of training?
    One of our strong points is our totally personalized training, adapted to the level of each orthopaedic technician. The three levels offered are: beginner, intermediate and user. Contact us for an evaluation of your level before scheduling training.
  • Can you travel to client facilities to give the training on-site?
    Our trainers usually travel anywhere in the world to offer the courses to our clients. Send us your request here. In the current context, to protect our teams, trainers are not travelling to inaccessible regions. During this period, we offer on-line training programs that are perfectly adapted.
  • How are the courses given?
    The Rodin4D teams provide the equipment necessary to follow the training (computer, notebook, pen, video-projector…) and either receive you at their facilities or travel to yours. For the distance training programs, Rodin4D has equipped itself with the technology and materials necessary to provide the training correctly and safely, with the proper healthcare guarantees for all. Submit a request for training.
  • How long is the training?
    On average, the training courses on the software last two days and are offered at your facilities or ours. Due to current travel restrictions, we have launched a distance learning training program that lasts about ten hours overall. The training hours can be split up and taken over the course of a week. Talk to us to reserve your time slots for the training, or to request more information.
  • Is any specific IT knowledge needed to learn to use the software?
    Basic user knowledge of the Windows environment and, of course, of orthopaedics, are needed to follow the training on use of the Rodin4D rectification software.
Fraiseuses et robots
Questions fréquentes
  • Do I need a large production workshop/space to install a machine?
    Less than 10 m2 is the space needed to install a machine. Ask our teams for an adaptation, feasibility and implementation study for the reception of your first Rodin4D machine.
  • Which milling machine or robot is best suited to my needs?
    We invite you to consult our experts, who will personally advise you on the choice of equipment. Every organization is unique. We study your particular case and advise you on the best option for you. Contact us.
  • Is this production technique dangerous for me and my teams?
    The production technique poses no risk at all for either you or your teams. In fact, polyurethane is not toxic in this state. An anti-dust facemask is sufficient protection against foam particles inhalation.
  • How is the installation of the milling machine or the robot done?
    One or more Rodin4D specialized technicians will travel to your facilities, anywhere in the world. They will spend 2/3 days installing the machine (this is separate from the training). The COVID-19 situation has affected our travel policies. Contact us and together we will find an alternative solution to your problems. Contact us.
  • Once the production cycle is started, can it be stopped?
    The production cycle can be stopped and restarted at the same point where it was stopped.
  • Are all the file formats compatible with these machines?
    Most of the files used in CAD/CAM software are compatible with our machines (robots and milling machines). Ask our experts for more information.
  • What is the average time of a machining cycle?
    The average time depends on the volume of milling and the machine used. Here you can access a comparative table of the cycle times of the robots.
  • Are these materials environment friendly?
    We do constant research to improve the use of these materials. Our goal and commitment are to reduce the use of foam and to eventually eliminate its use altogether, to protect planet Earth.
  • What are the main materials used in milling?
    Flexible or rigid polyurethane foam is best. Order your foam blocks in the sizes compatible with your milling machine capacity.
  • Do I need specific skills to use the machine?
    Following purchase and installation of a machine, our experts provide full training on use. Training to use the robot takes 2-3 days. The milling machine requires just one day of training to use it on your own.
  • What are the main differences between a milling machine and a robot?
    The complexity of the forms to be milled is the main factor to consider when choosing one over the other. The milling machine can only machine tubular positive forms; the robot is effective for these and negative forms. The number of axes is a determining parameter in the choice of equipment. The Victor robot has 7 axes, and the milling machine has 2 – 3. Our sales team is available to help you decide on the choice best suited to your needs. Contact us.
Questions fréquentes
  • Which scanner is compatible with management of plagiocephaly?
    M4D Scan is the best scanner for this condition. Contact us for more information.
  • Is CapteviaPlus an app specific to the orthopaedic environment?
    CapteviaPlus is the updated version of Captevia, an app specifically designed for patient scans. We applied the information received from Captevia user experiences and expectations in a collaboration with TechMed 3D to expand the possibilities of Captevia. Download the user manual to discover the advantages of this version. (
  • What body parts can be scanned?
    All (external) parts of the body can be easily scanned, with high precision results.
  • Is the laser used in the 3D scanner dangerous?
    Our 3D scanners use infrared technology (Structure Sensor) and structured white light scanning (M4D Scan). Neither is dangerous, and both are painless for patients.
  • What is the difference between Structure Sensor and M4D Scan?
    Our solution includes the choice between two 3D scanners. The difference between the two products is scan precision. Information on scan precision should help you determine which scanner is best for you. M4D Scan, a scanner designed for the medical community, offers higher precision in data capture, and also adjusts for slight patient movement during scans. Structure Sensor, combined with the CapteviaPlus App, is a functional and economic solution for orthopaedic technicians without prior CAD/CAM experience. Check out the CapteviaPlus demo app, download it for free to your iPad and start scanning. Contact us for more information.
Logiciels & applications
Questions fréquentes
  • Where can I find the software release version number?
    You can find it in the Neo and Cube ´About” tab.
  • Are the import/export file formats compatible with other systems?
    The files most frequently used in the sector are STL format and are compatible with all Rodin4D equipment. We offer an open solution that enables orthopaedic technicians to equip themselves with only the products they really need and can combine with other solutions.
  • Are your digital tools compliant with the new GDPR regulations in force?
    All of our products have been updated and are compliant with data privacy regulations, GDPR and European regulations on health data. We guarantee that all data transmissions are secure and comply with the health patient privacy regulations in force.
  • How to facilitate exchanges with my collaborators during the order process?
    Rodin4D has worked consistently since 2004 to assist orthopaedic technicians in their transition to digital, developing the digital products and tools they need to enhance daily efficiency. Para ello, hemos lanzado CLIP al mercado. La aplicación específica para el trabajo del técnico ortopédico permite intercambiar archivos 3D con los colaboradores, realizar anotaciones y comunicarse libremente respetando siempre el reglamento RGPD vigente. Use Link for rapid, data secure orders to your preferred manufacturing centres. Nothing could be easier. Write us at to request your credentials. Our team will help you get started.
  • What is the difference between Rodin Com and Link?
    Link is the evolved functional and technological version of Rodin Com. The two have the same objectives, but different characteristics. Link is by design an open access web platform, no installation required, and is compliant with GDPR and health privacy regulations.
  • How long are Rodin4D products licenses valid?
    The term of license validity for Rodin4D products depends on whether the license was purchased or leased. The license lease contract includes automatic license renewal, technical support and unlimited use of software. License purchasers can enter a 1 year annually renewable maintenance contract that includes license renewal and technical support. Contact us for more information.
  • I forgot my username and password.
    You do not need a username to connect to Neo or Cube. The key activates the software. If you lost your key, Rodin4D can cancel it remotely at any time to protect your work. We will then send you a new one. If this happens to you, contact us for a rapid solution.
  • How many user accounts can a company create to use the software?
    The key can be used by as many professionals as you like. You can create individual user shortcuts with user accounts. This way, the interfaces are personalized, and allow parameter management and creation of patient files. If the number of users rises considerably and you have time management issues on the software use times, productivity will be reduced. In these cases, you can acquire another key. Contact us and our sales team will help you.
  • Can I install the software on several computers?
    Each user is issued their own user license to access the software. License activation is done using the kay that our technical support team ships directly to you when you connect to the computer. The key can be used for connection from different workstations, but only works on one computer at a time.
  • How often is the software updated?
    Our teams of engineers update the software once a year. The Rodin4D software, created by and for orthopaedic technicians, benefit from the experience of our in-house teams, who are members of the profession and receive the comments on user experiences. Once that data is processed, it is transformed to become software features. Our goal is to provide turnkey tools that help professionals overcome difficulties and make their daily work easier.
  • What is the difference between the Neo and Cube software?
    Neo, the first software created by the Rodin4D teams, is a professional tool specifically for orthopaedic technicians. Thanks to its numerous functions, rectifications of devices can be done directly on the software using a template and patient measurements can be imported. Once the rectifications are done, users can work with the form and create a design with the Cube interface. This software complements Neo, and together they offer all the features you may need. Cube also allows you to generate an exportable, compatible file for 3D printing. Welcome to the future!
  • How many languages has the software been translated to?
    All our software has been translated to five languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.
Questions fréquentes
  • How can I receive periodical news from Rodin4D?
    It couldn´t be easier to keep up on Rodin4D news: simply sign up for our newsletter. Follow the Rodin4D page on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Stay connected to our webinars page and sign up for webinars scheduled throughout the year ( The Rodin4D team travels to meet you at professional trade fairs held around the world. Here you can find the latest news on our travels.
  • What solution is best suited to my needs?
    The sales team is at your disposal to create, with you, the program that is best adapted to your organization. Thanks to our ample experience of 16 years in the CAD/CAM environment, and our skill as orthopaedic technicians, we can help you choose the equipment that is best for you. Contact us by telephone or e-mail.
  • Can I share my user experience with you if I detect a development problem with your products and services?
    The Rodin4D R+D department works every day on software development and benefits from the comments received from the beta tester community. This is composed of a group of users involved in improving the tools they work with who do not hesitate to tell us what they think. Our goal is to respond ever more precisely to the needs of orthopaedic technicians. If you would like to join the user group, contact us.
  • Do Rodin4D products come with instructions and technical documentation?
    All Rodin4D products come with a user´s manual and the technical documentation, translated to your language (French, English, Spanish, German or Italian): in them, you will find answers to all your questions and begin to familiarize yourself with the products. The technical support team will remain at your disposal to accompany you during the first months of use.
  • What operating systems does the Rodin4D solution work with?
    Software developed by Rodin4D is compatible with Windows versions 7 to 10. If you have a different operating system, please send us your query. The technical support team will assist you in the installation of the Rodin4D solution and propose compatible modules for your equipment.
  • What is the minimum configuration for use of the Rodin4D solution?
    The Rodin4D solution is a completely open system that allows every combination imaginable. Our teams of CAD/CAM experts will help you analyse your needs, and together you will design the configuration best suited to your scenario. The starting point for your equipment is acquisition of patient measurements thanks to a 3D scanner (Structure Sensor o M4D). The 3D data compiled is then imported to the Neo and Cube rectification software for the design of devices and forms. The third stage is “machining”, which consists of sending the STL files exported from the software to the machines for the foam block milling. Our strong point is adaptability to client needs and our range of adapted equipment. Place your order here.
  • What types of devices can be rectified with the Rodin4D solution?
    The Rodin4D solution imposes no limits on use. The equipment we supply offers a complete response to all orthopaedic technicians and adapts to any need. The devices you can rectify are helmets, standing devices, knee braces, prostheses, rigid moulds for seats, postural seats, seats, foot orthoses, corsets, mattresses… If you do not find your device on the list, ask us. Send your question to An expert will answer as soon as possible.
  • What are the benefits of a CAD/CAM digital solution?
    Depuis le début de son histoire, le métier d'orthoprothésiste est un métier artisanal par excellence. Le technicien orthoprothésiste prépare les moulages de ses patients, sculpte les matériaux nécessaires pour réaliser l'appareillage et assemble et ajuste les différents éléments qui le composent. C'est un métier manuel, qui nécessite d'être habile, précis et minutieux. La CFAO (Conception et Fabrication Assistée par Ordinateur) a fait ses premiers pas dans le secteur de l'orthopédie vers la fin des années 90. Elle a permis aux orthoprothésistes de concevoir et de fabriquer des orthèses et des prothèses à l'aide d'un scanner 3D, d'un logiciel de rectification numérique et d'une machine-outil (fraiseuse ou robot). Son adoption n'a pas toujours été facile, et nombre d'orthoprothésistes avaient besoin d'être convaincu que cette méthode était efficace et qu'elle leur permettrait de conserver les bénéfices de leur expérience et de leur savoir-faire. Mais aujourd'hui, cette technologie a atteint sa maturité et est devenue incontournable. Grâce à elle, la qualité des appareillages s'est améliorée, les temps et les coûts de production ont été réduits, et contrairement aux idées reçues, elle permet aux techniciens de continuer à faire valoir un savoir-faire et une créativité qui leur est propre. L'orthoprothésiste est ainsi devenu un artisan du virtuel, car c'est en 3 dimensions qu'il réalise les corrections orthopédiques sur les appareillages. Et ce, pour le plus grand bonheur de ses patients, pour lesquels la prise de mesure est devenue indolore et quasi instantanée.
Questions fréquentes
  • If my question is not on the list. How can I send it to you?
    Rodin4D teams will accompany you in the digital transition of your work and respond to all your questions. Contact us by e-mail at or by telephone (+33[0] 556 47 77 13). As CAD/CAM solutions provider for orthopaedic technicians worldwide, Rodin4D is committed to fully accompany clients in learning to use the solution.
  • I want to renew my Rodin4D license.
    License renewal requests are managed by our sales team, who will update the fee by e-mail or by telephone (+33 [0] 55647 77 13).
  • How is a service order done?
    To request an on-site service call, contact our technical team by e-mail at, or by telephone (+33 [0] 556 47 77 13).
  • How do I contact the technical support team?
    By telephone at +33 (0) 556 42 49 11 or by e-mail at For the robotics solution team in Avignon, at +33 (0)...
  • When is technical support available?
    Rodin4D technical support is open Monday-Friday, 8.30 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 5 p.m. (CEST).
  • What language can we use to communicate with the technical support team?
    Our technical support teams are available to assist you in 4 languages: English, French and Spanish at +33 (0) 556 42 49 11 and in German at +49 (0) 732 39 52 50-16. Our robotics solution support team, based in Avignon (France), is available to assist you in English or French at +33 (0) 428 69 06 91.
Questions fréquentes
  • Where do you do deliver products? Any country limitations?
    Rodin4D operates on five continents and strives to provide solutions and services to orthopaedic technicians around the world. Talk to our team and ask your questions here.
  • Do I have to pay freight or delivery costs?
    Delivery costs for materials are included in the quotation sent prior to dispatch.
  • How long does it take to receive the software key?
    The technical support team is responsible for sending the software key immediately upon reception of payment. The only variable in delivery times is transport.
  • What is estimated time of delivery of the machines?
    We guarantee full product delivery in 2.5 to 3 months, which includes delivery of machines, installation, and staff training. The delivery time may vary slightly depending on where you are located.
Questions fréquentes
  • I would like to submit an application to become a Rodin4D distributor in a specific territory.
    Rodin4D, world leader in CAD/CAM, is expanding its distribution networks across every continent. To join Rodin4D in this adventure, fill out the form and tell us about your business plan. We will contact you soon. Thank you for your interest in our solution.
  • How do I buy the software?
    Rodin4D, as a software developer has added the latest Neo and Cube rectification software to our portfolio. They complement one another and round out our solutions. Available for lease or purchase. Contact our sales teams for advice on which is best for you. Contact us by telephone or e-mail or fill out and send the form provided.
  • Can I buy a solution directly, without going through a distributor?
    We recommend you send your order directly to our offices, so we can redirect your order to the distributor nearest you.
  • Do you work with distributors?
    Rodin4D has a network of 14 distributors, working from every continent. We offer clients access to a community of expertise and support in your time zone and language. Our growing distribution network invites you to join. Send your application here.
  • Do your products include a guarantee?
    All Rodin4D products come with the original manufacturer extendible warranty.
  • What is the average price of a full Rodin4D solution?
    Rodin4D offers a turnkey professional solution comprised of complementary products and services in an open and fully customizable system. Every company is different. Our teams will conduct an exhaustive study of your organization and its needs. Together we will determine which equipment best fits your needs and expectations. For this, please fill out this form.
  • How do I purchase the Rodin4D solution?
    Fill out this contact form and send us a request, providing as many details as you can. A member of our sales team will call you to set up an appointment. You can also call us directly at +33 (0)5 56 47 77 13 (Rodin SAS France).