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Mr. Wilfried Maurence
Lagarrigue France
“Victor meets all my needs, no limitations.”
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Mr. Xenofon Chronopoulos
“Easy to learn how to use it thanks to the complete personalized training.”
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Mr. Nicolas Folcke
“Victor enabled us to become self-sufficient in a short period of time.”
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Mr. Marlo Ortiz - Ortiz International
Ortiz International
“After 20 years of training on use of the M.A.S. socket, I started working with Rodin4D technology and the Victor robot. This faster and more precise robot mills forms that are impossible to produce with 3- or 4-axis systems.”
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Mr. CJ Chou
Managing Director, Taiwan OnP Co.
“We bought the scanner first, and a few weeks later had installed our miller. The entire operation went smoothly, with no complications. We financed the entire system; we thought the investment was worth it. Everyone at the company was excited, because we were the very first orthopaedic company in China to use the technology. And as soon as it was installed, everyone was eager to learn to use it.”
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Mr. Sébastien Lecourtier
Director - Pom Santé - Nouméa
“It was the desire to progress and to offer new services to patients and doctors that led to our interest in CAD/CAM. Choosing Rodin4D has brought us many advantages, such as greater working comfort and the means to work more cleanly and quickly. Integrating CAD/CAM in the heart of our company has meant a great step forward for us. I love using the scanner, doing the retouching on the computer and simply taking measurements and adapting a library.”
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Victor Compact Plus
Double production with two rotating trays. Victor Compact Plus, installed in its own cabinet, offers a second milling tray that increases production capacity.
Software and applications
Clip is a data-sharing platform for the exchange of CAD 3D data obtained using the Neo and Cube software. Using Clip, orthopaedic technicians can make annotations, request form modifications, and…
Milling machines
Model SX
The SX model is a tool designed for small workshops or as an additional milling machine: thanks to its compact size, it can be used in spaces smaller than 2…

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