Rodin Éducation

Rodin Éducation has perfected training programs that accompany orthopaedic technicians during the transformation of their work with CAD/CAM techniques. The courses are taught by CAD/CAM experts from the world of orthopaedics.

Choose the training that best meets your needs

We offer a variety of training courses on Rodin4D products for orthopaedic technicians, adapted to different learning levels, expectations and day-to-day expectations.

After a long wait, our training program is now available online. Discover the benefits of our online courses, no travel expenses or time wasted in transport by your team. Remote learning courses are divided in 3 modules, given over 4 days, but can be organized differently, if you wish.

Personalized training, taught by an orthopaedic technician.

Because we understand that every orthopaedic technician has their own methods for making devices, Rodin4D adapts to your professional needs by offering the training best suited to you and your CAD/CAM experience level (beginner, intermediate or expert).

We believe that 2 days of training are needed to get familiar with our software, to discover how they work and test them. To facilitate learning, our courses first focus on your individual daily practices: your techniques, equipment and the type of devices you make.
Over 2 days, you will talk to other orthopaedic professionals like yourself, who are well-versed on the specifics of the profession. You will be in good company as you progress in your CAD/CAM expertise.

And to make the courses even more convenient and useful, you can bring your own scans of patients directly to the software and create customized rectification libraries.

Rodin4D is a certified training body in France, ask about your rights. The training is also accessible to people with disabilities. For more information on prices: please contact us.

User Days

Don´t miss this event for orthopaedic technicians. A biannual forum for information exchange and discussion of the latest innovations in the field.