Highlights of the 2023 Roadshow

27 December 2023

Rodin4D recently embarked on a roadshow, crossing 11 destinations in 6 countries to showcase our global CAD/CAM solution for O&P and podology. The journey was marked by exciting moments of knowledge sharing, exploration of cutting-edge technology, and the unveiling of the much-anticipated Fitflow solution. With more than 100 attendees, the roadshow became a place for constructive discussions, reconnecting with existing customers, and forming new connections within the O&P community.

Bringing innovative solutions at your doorstep

For Rodin4D, hitting the road meant more than just showcasing our CAD/CAM solution; it was about bringing innovation directly to the doorstep of orthopaedic professionals by creating an immersive experience that allowed practitioners to see first-hand how our technology seamlessly integrates into their daily practice and, crucially, a detailed understanding of how they work. The Roadshow has demonstrated our commitment to making innovation accessible and tailored to meet individual needs.

Fitflow takes center stage

Among the diverse topics covered during the roadshow, our latest software of 2023, Fitflow, stood out as the highlight. This innovative solution captured the audience’s attention, ignited intense interest, and sparked engaging discussions. Fitflow showcased its revolutionary approach, demonstrating how professionals can seamlessly design and access 3D printing through this software. Automating repetitive tasks has never been easier, providing a significant time-saving advantage for professionals, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. The live demonstrations and in-depth discussions captivated the roadshow attendees, making Fitflow the focal point of the event.

As we conclude our Roadshow, we are particularly proud of the enthusiasm and interest it has generated. Engaging with our audiences through vibrant discussions and interactions has been a truly rewarding experience. Our global CAD/CAM solution has resonated strongly with our attendees and we express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who was part of it.

We look forward to nurturing these connections and continuing to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of practitioners. For those who may have missed this unique opportunity, we invite you to request a demo at info@rodin4d.com and if anyone wishes to have a roadshow at their place, simply request it, also at info@rodin4d.com.

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