Our Victor machining robots

Increase your prosthesis and orthosis production capacity

The range of Victor robots was developed by our team of orthopaedic technicians and engineers to fully adapt to your working needs. Victor robots are easy to use and require no specific knowledge of robotics: three days of training are sufficient.

Victor Compact
Victor Compact provides a simple, convenient and mobile solution for milling any type of form.
Victor Compact Plus
Need to increase your robot machining production capacity? Victor Compact + adds a second tray to the original setting.
Victor Unlimited
Get unlimited and totally customizable production with the multi-station configuration of the Victor Unlimited machining robot.
After 20 years of training on use of the M.A.S. socket, I started working with Rodin4D technology and the Victor robot. I realized that I could produce the forms that I had been making with plaster. This faster and more precise robot mills forms that are impossible to produce with 3- or 4-axis systems.

Advanced functions of the robot

Push button
Predefined and customizable machining strategy, with a collection of templates provided for orthopaedic devices of all types.
RobotMaster software
RobotMaster is a CAD/CAM software that seamlessly integrates off-line programming, simulation and generation. It offers options for material extraction simulation, robot trajectory visualization, automatic collision control…
A range of high-performance machining robots
- Absolute calibration
- 4-year warranty (optional)
- Plug & Play technology: fast simple installation, no configuration needed.
- Shorter turnaround times between production cycles
Orthopaedic devices
Machine your orthopaedic devices.
  • helmets,
  • elevating footrests,
  • knee braces,
  • prostheses,
  • rigid seat moulds,
  • postural seats,
  • seats
  • foot orthoses,
  • corsets,
  • mattresses.
Machinable materials
Make your own prostheses and orthoses.
  • Plaster
  • Polyurethane
  • Flexible foam
  • Wood (MDF)
Production capacity

10 min

Elevating footrest

6 units in 30 min // 10 units in 50 min

Knee brace

20 min


10 min

Rigid seat mould

25 min

Postural seat

40 min


35 min

Foot orthosis

6 min per pair


18 min


55 min // compatible only with the Victor Unlimited solution

Learn to use the machining robot: we are here to help you.

With over 50 Victor robots installed throughout the world, our customer assistance is world renown. Installation, maintenance, recommendations…our teams are there for you, to train and accompany you in every stage of the robot machining experience:

  • Machine installation with prior appointment
  • Totally individualized training
  • Technical support team available to help
  • FAQs always available

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