Global CAD/CAM solution for orthopaedics

Established in 2004 by France´s largest custom-made orthopaedic group, Rodin4D specializes in the development of computer software, applications, robots and 3D scanners for the orthopaedic industry. Thanks to constant innovation, Rodin4D, offers its clients productive and easy to use solutions.


3D scanners to measure patient body parts quickly, accurately, and painlessly.


Design devices from your patients´ measurements with the help of our modification software created by and for orthopaedic professionals.


Optimize the manufacturing of your orthopaedic devices with our milling machines and 3 to 7 axis robots.

3D Printing

Freely design all the forms you need and prepare them for 3D printing with our Cube software.

Solution developed by and for orthopaedic professionals

Complete your CAD/CAM solution with the machining tool that meets your needs, from the smallest milling machine to the largest robot. Our goal is to offer advanced technology to orthopaedic specialists taking the step toward digitalization. Our adapted financing solutions enable you to gradually and progressively digitalize your work.

The combination of the Neo and Cube software opens the door to numerous possibilities in our profession. The only limit is your imagination.

We develop specific software for your work.

Our team of orthopaedic technicians and engineers has worked year-round for 16 years to develop the Neo and Cube rectification software aimed to meet all the needs of orthopaedic technicians. The functions and tools created save time in every stage of the form rectification process. Two days of training are enough for you to become fully familiar with these new tools and to able to use them on your own. To guarantee that projects are done correctly, each new user is assigned a CAD/CAM expert. The new functions are tested by a community of beta testers comprised of over 500 of the group´s orthopaedic technicians.

Enjoy a unique user experience while retaining the typical feel of your work, using an intuitive, ergonomic, simplified software. Foot orthosis experts, get ready to discover our new specific solution: Arkad.

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User Days 2020
February 13 & 14, 2020
For over 12 years, the biannual Rodin4D User Days event has attracted over 200 orthopaedic technicians from around the world. The majority are repeat participants, who would not miss it for the world.
15 February 2022
We are pleased to announce that we will participate in the 48th edition of the AAOP (American Academy of Orthostist…
13 July 2020
Link, a cutting-edge platform for professionals who transfer patient data externally or to a manufacturing centre (CFAB). Rodin4D developed Link…
13 July 2020
As announced during the User Days 2020, Arkad, the latest innovation by Rodin4D is marching along. Starting soon, the entire…
13 July 2020
In the two-thousands, Marlo Ortiz created the M.A.S. (Marlo Anatomical Socket), a revolution with ischial integrated sockets. Since then, the…
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