Milling machines
Model SX
The SX model is a tool designed for small workshops or as an additional milling machine: thanks to its compact size, it can be used in spaces smaller than 2 m2. Adapted for the machining of elevating footrests, tibial prostheses, femoral prostheses, corsets, helmets, foot orthosis positives and upper limb prostheses.
Model SX
Model SX
Model SX


An ideal machining system to be used as compact or auxiliary


Highly performant

Mechanical tool with 3 digital axes, 2 of them linear, and speeds of up to 20 m/min. Equipped with machining bit and carving tool of up to 10,000 rpm. Milling capacity: 300 mm diameter × 450 mm length.



As a result of our years of experience with industry-specific machines, this milling machine is compatible with Neo CAM software and also with the main orthopaedic industry formats (AOP, JGES, STL, etc.).


Easy to use

The Rodin4D SX milling machine is controlled in real time through a simple interface. One day of training is enough for technicians to learn to machine any form.



The housing locks automatically during milling cycles to protect the operator from moving parts.

CAD/CAM software for orthopaedics

The Neo CAM module enables easy programming of machining and milling machine operation:

  • Program your own 3-axis machining self-sufficiently, after the training provided.
  • Optimize manufacturing costs at a click, using the previously machined block manager.
  • Export work in different file formats (STL, PIM, G-code, etc.)
  • Manage carving of your devices.
Size and weight
Size, keyboard not included (length × width × height)

1500 mm × 1200 mm × 1400 mm

Machine weight

330 kg

Shipping package weight

450 kg

3D machining
Horizontal path maximum (axis R)

220 mm

Vertical path maximum (axis Z)

700 mm

Machining volume maximum

Max. diameter: 420 mm; max. height 660 mm

Bit speed

1000-10,000 rpm

Maximum density polyurethane blocks

200 kg/m³


Ball screw spindle

Noise (w/o vacuum)

80 db


Fixing bit for polyurethane blocks

Machining tools

length: 190 mm, diam.: 15 mm, hemispherical

More information
Electrical power

220 V/110 V – 50 Hz 10 A 2.2 kW

Electrical installation required

Sensitivity: 20 A 300 mA

Internet connection



Industry standard computer, Windows 7

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