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Arkad Soft
Arkad Soft allows you to design your insoles with a simple and accurate process. Discover a complete and intuitive software, compatible with different acquisition and manufacturing methods.
Arkad Soft
Arkad Soft
"Thanks to digital technology, I no longer have to start from scratch when renewing my orthopaedic inserts".

Design freely with Arkad Soft

From a template or the import of your patient's scan, follow step by step the design steps of your orthopaedic insoles.

Fully control the rectification procedure on the software thanks to a library of tools specially designed for your profession, and customizable at any time.

Save time with Arkad Soft. Reproduce your insoles ad infinitum, re-use your models and the history of your consultations. In real time, follow all your modifications of your insoles thanks to the 3D view.

Flexible, rigid, 3D printed or milled insoles, find all the possibilities in a single solution. 



Compatible with all types of manufacturing 

Arkad Soft gives you the freedom to manufacture: 3D printing, milling...


Reproduction and speed

The design of the insole, once mastered, requires no more than 10 minutes of work.


Platform customisation

The software offers several tools and a library of fully customisable elements and templates.


Follow-up of your patients and consultations

Find the history of the consultations and the models of your insoles recorded on your software.

Main functionalities
Custom design
  • Catalogue of templates & standard elements included
  • Merge with 3D scan
  • Import of photos (e.g. plantar pressures)
  • Industry specific design tools (e.g. heel height, arch modelling, etc.)
Customisable software
  • Creating elements and templates
  • Creating groups of elements
Technical details
Operating system
  • Windows
Import/Export of 3D files
  • Import: STL, OBJ, JPEG, PNG
  • Export: STL
CAM dedicated to Arkad Printer
  • Direct connection to Arkad Printer
  • Definition of zones with different densities (choice of 17 possible densities)
Compatible manufacturing techniques
  • 3D printing: Arkad Printer, STL export for any other technology (powder sintering, resin photopolymerisation, wire deposition, etc.)
  • Milling
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Arkad Soft, an accurate software that you can combine with Arkad Scan and Arkad Printer to benefit from our complete solution dedicated to podiatry!

Arkad scan
Arkan Scan
The 3D scanner for all impression methods dedicated to podiatry.
Arkad printer
Arkad Printer
3D print your multi-density insoles

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