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Arkad Scan
Digitize various footprints with the Arkad Scan application, an application available on Ipad and Iphone. Be free to choose the method that best suits you for a quick acquisition of your measurements.
Arkad Scan
Arkad Scan
Arkad Scan

Get the latest 3D scanner dedicated to foot scanning!

Arkad Scan is a portable, flexible and easy-to-use solution. Benefit from intuitive navigation and a simplified interface, available directly from the App Store.

In a few seconds, make a perfect scan of your patients' feet from your iPad (coupled with a Structure Sensor scanner) or your iPhone.

Wherever you are, easily make a 3D model of your patient's feet.
Choose your measurement acquisition method and generate a 3D file.


The advantages


Multiple choices for the acquisition of your prints  

Arkad Scan allows you to scan your patients' feet from a foam box, a foot support contact-free.


The precision of digitization 

The different technologies proposed by this application will allow you to obtain a precise result for the first step of the design of your orthopedic insoles.


Time saving and productivity

In a few seconds, the scan of your patient will be ready to be used for the modeling of your insoles.


Direct connection with Arkad Soft

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, find your different scans and transfer these files in a few seconds to Arkad Soft.


A unique scanning experience compatible with Structures Sensor, iPad & iPhone.

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Create a patient
Fill out the patient form and let the process guide you.
Arkad scan
Select the type of scans
Whatever the acquisition method, Arkad Scan offers its users 3 different methods of acquiring measurements: full weight with a foam box, weight-bearing or semi-weight-bearing with a foot support and finally non-weight-bearing with a free foot.
Arkad scan 3D
Automatic setting
Start your scan and follow the application's recommendations to get perfect results in seconds.
Technical details
  • iPad
  • iPhone X ou plus (technologie camera True Depth)
  • Structure Sensor
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Arkad Scan, is an accurate and fast application that you can combine with the Arkad Printer and Arkad Soft for even greater efficiency.

Arkad Printer
3D print your multi-density insoles
Arkad Soft
The design software for all types of soles.

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