3D Printer
Arkad Printer
The Arkad Printer allows you to print in 3D your multi-densities insoles. Choose the density between 17 available and print continuously and without any waste directly from your practice.
Arkad Printer
Arkad Printer
Arkad Printer

Arkad Printer is the multi-density 3D printer for your orthopaedic insoles !

The Arkad Printer offers continuous printing, up to 100 pairs of insoles can be produced without any human intervention.

From the Arkad soft, choose the densities adapted to each area of your insole among the 17 proposed.

Follow the details and duration of all your current prints live on the touch screen located on the 3D printer.

Once printed, your insoles are ready for use, all without any additional waste and without noise!


The Arkad multi-densities 3D Printer is fast, accurate and easy to use.


Plug and Play technology

The compact printer plugs directly into an electrical socket. 


Installation in your office

Keep your expertise within your office and 3D print your insoles in front of your patients.


24/7 continuous production

Print up to 10 pairs of insoles per day. 


Waste-free and noise-free

Its additive technology is waste-free and totally silent.

Arkad Printer insoles

Print all types of insoles with multi-densities printing.

Formed insole
Print insoles formed with the impact of a scan and the addition of different elements.
Posturology insoles
Print your own postural insoles for the treatment of functional balance and posture disorders. Use a thin base with thin elements (print in 3D with a minimum thickness of 1.5mm).
Tailor-made insoles
Arkad Printer allows you to print custom insoles with variable height capabilities up to 5 cm in height.
Covering your insoles
Use the covering of your choice to personalise your patients' insoles.
Insole with recess
Possibility to make a recess on the insole from Arkad Soft to add new materials.
Key data
Weight of a typical moulded insole
  • 25 to 50 grams
Number of pairs of insoles/coil
  • Around 60
Manufacturing time of an insole
  • About 1 hour
Printer features
Dimensions & Weight
  • Length: 0.45 m
  • Width: 0,56 m
  • Height: 1 m
  • Weight: 50 kg
Compatible materials
  • Arkad Printer TPU spool
Key points
  • Touch screen
  • Controllable from Arkad Soft
  • Continuous printing 24 hours a day
  • Automatic roll change
  • Quiet motors
  • Designed to be installed in a cabinet
  • Choice of 17 different densities
Arkad Scan
The 3D scanner for all impression methods
Arkad Soft
The rectification design software for all types of orthopaedic inserts

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