ITW: Marlo Ortiz – Improving the manufacture of the M.A.S. socket thanks to CAD/CAM

13 July 2020

In the two-thousands, Marlo Ortiz created the M.A.S. (Marlo Anatomical Socket), a revolution with ischial integrated sockets. Since then, the famous Mexican orthopaedic technician has been speaking at congresses and providing training throughout the world. At the Rodin4D User Days in February 2020, he explained how the Victor robot expanded his scope of action.

Leg prosthesis: focus on anatomy

With photos as a support, Marlo Ortiz shows at his participation as speaker at the User Days why certain sockets are rejected or cause harm the patients. “The shape of the socket should integrate the muscles that remain strong and position them well in the device. The most frequent problems I see come from there, that professionals don´t take the patient´s anatomy into enough consideration, and skin irritation occurs. Its purpose is to receive the stump, either directly or using a cuff, so the socket must be comfortable, easy to position and stable on the stump.”

The other two most common mistakes that Marlo Ortiz highlights have to do with measurements and adjustment protocols. The M.A.S. ischial integrated technology requires a precise protocol for measurements, moulds and rectification. For years, Marlo Ortiz has used the Rodin4D Victor robot for manufacture. Designed to mill all kinds of supports, it is perfectly adapted to Marlo´s latest technological advance. To enhance patient comfort and considerably reduce the effects of transpiration, he now uses HTV silicone rubber, which performs better than plastic.

The Victor robot overcomes limitations

“My M.A.S. solution is better since I have combined it with CAD/CAM, I can better control socket manufacturing”, he says. “The Victor robot is extremely helpful. I created a library of models with about 16 different forms, so it is really easy to view a digital model from different angles. We can make the adjustments and modifications without changing the socket.”

Marlo, always looking for new ways to progress, discovered the Rodin4D CAD/CAM solutions at the AOPA congress in Vancouver. “The Rodin4D technology caught my attention immediately, since my model is mathematic and compatible with Victor.”

In his opinion, CAD/CAM enables professionals to preserve their own work methods, which are always unique, and opens doors to even more customization functions. “With CAD/CAM, the possibilities are well beyond what I ever imagined. The user interface is simple. Operators don´t have any problems with the training. With the combination of M.A.S. and Victor technologies, we overcame limitations. We offer our patients superior aesthetics liners for prostheses, support, comfort and movement capability. This faster and more precise robot mills forms that it´s impossible to produce with 3- or 4-axis systems.”

During the User Days, Marlo showed his colleagues videos of people with the prosthesis. They play sports, run, walk upright and confidently. The prosthesis does its job perfectly: to enable them to lead a normal daily life.

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