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Clip is a data-sharing platform for the exchange of CAD 3D data obtained using the Neo and Cube software. Using Clip, orthopaedic technicians can make annotations, request form modifications, and validate devices remotely.

Orthopaedic technicians are usually on the move. Following acquisition and form modification stages, they need to talk to the technician about the adjustments to be made. We devised a remote communication system that saves time for everyone involved and is also fully compliant with patient data protection laws and regulations.

A secure mobile data-sharing platform.

Save time for your teams while ensuring secure data transmission. Add notes and confirm your designs from any device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.) Access to your CAD data, easier than ever.

CLIP rounds out the Rodin4D NEO and CUBE rectification solutions. After you download the CLIP app, NEO and CUBE now offer you a new function that sends 3D forms via mobile messaging. CLIP is easy to use and no training is required. A video tutorial explains how it works.

Teams can rest easy in the knowledge that with CLIP they are in compliance with the GDPR and the health data protection regulations. Data is sent to external servers, cannot be modified or downloaded, and is destroyed after a pre-defined lapse of time. The device ensures secure data exchange and relieves the technician of that concern.



Enjoy this on-line information sharing solution for your digitalization and form rectification projects.



Insert annotations and confirm approval of orthopaedic devices in real time during manufacturing.



Clip is compatible with a variety of supports: PC, Mac, Android, Apple, etc.


Data protection

Patient data is stored in servers certified as GDPR and health data protection regulation compliant.



CLIP is integrated in other Rodin4D solutions, such as Neo and Cube.

Application functions
Touch screen pointer/pen

Make all the notes you like on the 3D form files imported and rectified in the Neo or Cube software.

Conversation threads

The list of all conversations underway with your partners is saved in the same place.

Single conversation

Communicate and send your comments directly to your rectification technician or the manufacturing centre operator from the iPad app or over the platform while saving time.

Automatic alerts and e-mails

Stay connected and save time thanks to the automatic notification system.

Data storage

Patient data is deleted periodically after a certain period of inactivity.

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