Arkad at the heart of Steeper’s CFAB

30 October 2023

Arkad, our complete digital solution for the design and manufacture of custom-made orthopedic insoles, has consistently grown and reached more and more people since its launch. After its very first integration with Actuel Orthopédie in France, in March 2022, it has now been integrated into a CFAB at Steeper in England.

Let’s explore how this partnership drives Steeper into the future of podiatry, meeting the increasing demand for personalized orthopedic insoles.

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Steeper : a century of transforming lives

Founded on March 23, 1921, Hugh Steeper Limited delivers world-leading technologies and products, alongside responsive clinical services across the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and accessible technology. At its core, Steeper’s mission is to create turning points that empower patients and fundamentally, enhance people’s lives guided by its values of care, integrity, and patient focus.

Steeper’s in-depth study: choosing Arkad by Rodin4D as the ideal solution

Steeper conducted a two-year research study to select the best solution for large-volume foot orthotic production. After a thorough analysis to determine which 3D printing system, capture (acquisition) software and modeling software were best, Arkad by Rodin4D emerged as the ideal choice for introducing large volume foot orthotic production over time.

Their investigation of Steeper’s foot orthotic production revealed that an astounding 91% of insoles could be efficiently crafted using FDM printing technology. Additionally, Arkad’s 3D printers provided the most efficient end-to-end production solution tailored to Steeper’s business model. 

Patient trials confirmed its superiority in terms of fit, comfort and support. This strategic decision also offered commercial benefits such as increased margins and reduced labor costs, while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Have a look at Steeper’s full testimonial to find out more !

The integration of our complete digital podiatry solution, Arkad in Steeper

Recent developments have underlined Steeper’s dedication to its mission through a collaboration with Rodin4D, enabling Steeper to redefine its orthopedic insole manufacturing solution in conjunction with our complete digital podiatry solution: Arkad. This partnership has fundamentally changed the way Steeper operates.

Now equipped with 10 Arkad 3D printers operating 24/7, complemented by 4 Arkad software and 4 Arkad scanners, this cutting-edge transformation and automation represents a major step forward in Steeper’s ability to continuously manufacture tailor-made orthopedic insoles, efficiently meeting growing demand and equipping as many patients as possible in record time. Thanks to this collaboration between Rodin4D and Steeper, more patients now have access to high-quality orthopedic insoles that are tailored to their specific needs.

The integration of Arkad, Rodin4D’s podiatry solution, into Steeper’s CFAB operations marks a turning point to redefine the manufacture of orthopedic insoles. Thanks to the power of Arkad, Steeper is now able to meet the growing demand for custom orthopedic insoles like never before. This collaboration represents not only a remarkable change in the industry, but also an important step in improving the lives of countless people by making a complete podiatry solution more accessible than ever before.

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