General terms of use of the website

1. General terms of use of the Website and services proposed within

These General Terms of Use (hereinafter, “GTU”) aim to define the terms and conditions of usage of RODIN4D’s website, accessible at: (hereinafter, “Website”).

Usage of website, as well as of the services proposed within involve the total agreement, global and with no exceptions, of these GTU. This agreement does not require handwritten signature by the User. These GTUs are subject to modification or update at any time, at our own discretion. Users of are invited to check the GTUs periodically.

If the User does not agree to these GTUs, they decline access to the Website.

The Website is generally accessible at any time. However, the webmaster shall require a discontinuation for technical maintenance from time to time. In this case, they will make a prior effort communicate dates and times of the downtime.


2. Definitions

In these GTUs, the words and expressions beginning in upper case will mean the following:

–    GTU: refers to these General Terms of Use of Services offered on the Website.

–    Website: refers to Rodin4D’s website, accessible at, published and supplied by RODIN company. Similarly, the Website includes Content, applications, software, tools, databases, operating systems, documentation, and all items and services forming it, as well as updates and new releases that the RODIN company may provide.

–    Content: refers to, among others, the Website structure, publishing items, drawings, images, illustrations, photographs, corporate identity and style guide, brands, logos, abbreviations, company names, audio-visual works, multimedia, visual items, audio and sound items, as well as any other element present on the Website to which it comprises.

–    Services: refers to the several functionalities and services offered on the Website.

–    User: refers to any visitor of the Website for their own needs, who have read and agreed to these GTUs.

–    Personal information: any data related to the User required by the database.


3. Services description

The Website aims to offer information as accurate as possible about the different activities performed by the RODIN company.

Nevertheless, the RODIN company declines any responsibility for omissions, inaccuracies, and deficiencies in the updates of the Website, even if these updates have been performed by the company or by third parties with the information provided to them.

All the information of the Website is provided for information purposes and is subject to change. On the other hand, the information on the Website is not complete. It is provided subject to modifications performed after online publication.

Services may involve collection of Personal information of the User, in particular their email address and contact details. As these are private information, it is responsibility of the User to apply the corresponding safety measures, useful and relevant, to comply with protection needs concerning access to the relevant services involved.

The User understands that their usage of the content and services is done under their sole control, management, and responsibility.


4. Access to the Website

4.1. Connection and navigation

Connection and navigation through the Website shall comply with these terms and conditions, whatever the technical means of access and devices used.

These GTUs will apply, according to our needs, to any release or extension of the Website provided in any existing or future social media or community network.

4.2. Operation of the Website

Any User with Internet access shall be able to access the Website free of charge, at anytime, anywhere.

Costs incurred by the User for accessing the Website and its Services will be at their own expense, as this access is offered for free, except for connection charges and Internet access, as well as potential additional charges due to data transmission.

Events leading to to a malfunction of the Website or the server are not responsibility of the RODIN company.

At any time, the Website could undergo a disruption, interruption, or modification without prior notice, due to maintenance or other reasons.

The User agrees not to claim any compensation because of the disruption, suspension, or modification of these GTUs.


5. Validity

These terms and conditions will come into force from the moment the User accesses the Website and will remain in force for the duration of the User access to the Website.


6. Intellectual property and misuse

The Website, together with all the elements within, brands, logos, signs and/or other Content, are protected under copyright, trademarks, and sui generis rights of the RODIN company.

Access to the Website cannot be interpreted as a transfer of property for the benefit of the User.

The RODIN company grants the User the personal right to use the Website, the Content and Services, unexclusively and revocably. This right cannot be assigned or transferred to third parties. It is done free of charge and for their own needs in the framework of Website and Service usage, excluding any other purposes.

Any copy, representation, modification, publishing, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the Website, by whatever means, and procedures used, are prohibited.

The User does not acquire any intellectual property right whatsoever involving the Website, the Content or Services, nor any other rights except for those granted by these terms and conditions.

The User expressly agrees to use the Website in such way that does not violate any rights of RODIN and, in particular, that does not constitute an act against intellectual property, unfair competition, or parasitic use of the Content.


7. Limited responsibility

Access and usage of the Website are at the User’s own risk and responsibility. They should take all relevant measures to protect their own data or software stored on their own computers against any attack.

The User agrees to be aware of and accept the features and limits of the Internet and, in particular, its functionalities and specifications; the problems related to connectivity or access to the Internet; problems related to network availability and congestion; problems due to network failure or overload; problems related to access to online information, response time to view, check, browse, or transfer data by any means; downtime risks; lack of protection of certain information against potential misuse, etc. for which the RODIN company will not be held responsible.

The RODIN company will not be held responsible in the following scenarios:

  • In case of failure, loss, delay, or error in data transmission.
  • Message or data delivery to a false, erroneous, or incomplete address.
  • If you do not receive the data, whatever the reason, or if data received is illegible or cannot be processed.
  • In case the User cannot access or use the Website or the Services, whatever the reason.
  • If, for whatever reason, connection should be interrupted.

The RODIN company cannot be held liable in any way for damages of any nature that might be caused to the User, their terminals, their computers, and data stored within, nor for the consequences derived from them to their personal, professional, or business activities.


8. Personal information safety:

The User is informed that Personal information (including administrative data) may be collected and processed within the framework of use of the Website Services and, in particular, through the forms available on the Website.

Information collected via these forms is registered in an electronic file by Luc Boronat, Rodin4D Managing Director, for marketing and trading purposes.

The User may access, modify, request deletion, or exercise their right to limit the treatment of data related to them. To exercise this right, the User must email

As soon as RODIN becomes aware of the User’s claim to one of these rights, it must comply with the User’s request within one month.

Using the services offered on the Website, the User acknowledges that they are voluntarily providing certain details, that will remain their property. These GTUs do not grant any right to the RODIN company over this information.

Data is retained for the time strictly necessary for the purposes mentioned above and corresponds to the legal terms for the conservation of accounting and commercial documents by the companies.

The Website applies several organizational, technical, electronic, and physical measures in terms of digital security to protect personal information against modification, destruction, and unauthorized access. Nevertheless, it should be highlighted that the Internet is not a completely safe environment, and the Website cannot guarantee a safe transmission and/or storage of information on the Internet.


9. Hyperlinks and cookies

The Website contains a certain number of hyperlinks to other websites. These hyperlinks are created under the approval of RODIN. However, RODIN has no means to verify the content of the websites visited through the hyperlinks and, therefore, RODIN shall not be held responsible for it in any way.

Browsing the Website may result in the installation of cookies on the User’s computer. Cookies are small files that do not allow identification of the User, but register information related to browsing through the Website. Data obtained by this means is intended to facilitate future browsing, as well as to allow different measurements of its use.

Rejection of cookies may result on the inability to access certain services.


10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Disputes related to usage of the Website shall be subject to French Law. The competent courts of Bordeaux shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


11. Legal aspects

Website editor:

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Legal form: Simplified individual joint-stock company

Business address: 5 Impasse des Mûriers, 33700 MÉRIGNAC

Capital stock: 569,000.00 €


Registered in the Bordeaux Registry for Company Accounts, SIREN #: 797469913

VAT number: FR 05 797 469913

Publication director: Luc BORONAT



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